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Kearny High School
Kearny, New Jersey

Welcome, Kearny High Alumni
Our Alma Mater

Take a ride down Kearny Avenue!

This web site is for alumni of the Kearny High School in Kearny, New Jersey. If you're looking for the site for the other Kearny High School (in San Diego, California), click here.

Welcome to this web site designed by a Kearny High School alumnus for his fellow KHS alumni. Unlike other on-line alumni directories, you do not have to join and pay fees to get to the information you want. This project started several years ago, but this site now provides much more than a simple set of links.

While this site was designed to be Kearny High's alternative to the commercial alumni web sites, it does cost money to operate. Now that I've retired from my day job, my own income is lower and I wouldn't mind some help in sharing those costs. The site will remain free, but voluntary contributions will now be accepted. If you wish to contribute, you can use the PayPal button below to do so.

The Honor Roll

There's another way you can help. Having retired from my day job, I now have more time to do what I like: design web sites. If you see or hear of a need for a web site and you like this one, you might refer them to me. Just tell them to look at

The main menu for this site appears at the left side of this page and virtually every page on the site. First is the directory. Even if your name was listed on the old directory, take a moment to enter your information on the new web form. Note that the new directory can be sorted 4 different ways. There's also room to tell more about yourself. Share as much information as you are comfortable with sharing.

Next comes the schedule. If you're planning (or simply know about) a class reunion (or a reunion of KHS alumni in your part of the world, notify your webmaster and the event will appear on this calendar.

Then comes the message board where you can share your Kearny memories with others.

Next is the photo section where we can share our photos of our Kearny childhood.

Finally, there's a links page where we've assembled web links to a wealth of information about Kearny. Of course, if you know of other links that should be shared with the rest of us, write to the webmaster and we'll post the link.

If we've overlooked anything and you have suggestions for improving this site, let us know. Your comments may be sent to either or and we'll be sure to read them.