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Kearny High School
Kearny, New Jersey

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Few of us are old enough to remember, but there was a time not that long ago, when there was a lot of vacant space in Kearny. Harrison was there much earlier; North Arlington came along much later; but there was a time when there wasn't much Kearny between the two. The heart of the original Kearny was not Kearny Avenue, but instead was the area near Midland Avenue & Elm Street — the area near the Arlington Depot. As Kearny grew, it was Midland Avenue that was the principal business district. It was still thriving as a business district in my boyhood in the 1950's. That's because Kearny grew outward from the Arlington Depot on the railroad. Originally, it was the New York and Greenwood Lake, then became the Erie Railroad's Greenwood Lake Division, eventually becoming part of the Erie-Lackawanna's Boonton Line and finally part of NJ Transit's Boonton Line before its demise on September 30, 2002 as a passenger route.The photos and memorabilia on this page are intended to document this important part of Kearny's early days.

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from Meadows Depot Square Arlington Depot 1907 At the depot park Tickets from Arlington station 1963 timetables 1955 Erie Greenwood Lake timetable 1960 Erie Greenwood Lake timetable 1987 NJTransit Boonton Line timetable 1974 E-L Boonton Line timetable 1974 E-L pocket timetable for Arlington Arlington Depot 1910 The Cut Trains at Arlington Station in the early 1960's 1906 timetable for the Greenwood Lake Greenwood Lake line in the Meadows Train coming through the Cut West Arlington Location of Arlington Station Greenwood Lake Looking up the tracks Greenwood Lake train crossing the Passaic River Track Removal The Arlington Plant Erie Railroad - Arlington Depot (1910) 1916 view of Arlington Depot Arlington Depot West Arlington station 1946 timetable - click for detail 1962 timetable The end of rail service to Arlington Depot

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